Use AnonTwi Twitter client to hide your IP address

Over the past few days I’ve been using a interesting shell client Twitter program called AnonTwi. It’s an open source that in simple terms encrypts (using AES and SHA1 encryption) your Twitter and public and private messages hiding your computer’s IP address. It connects with Twitters API using SSL, which means ISPs are unable to eavesdrop your keywords.

What I found interesting with AnonTwi was that connection to Twitter servers is anonymised with socks or TOR reverse proxy which sends random HTTP header values. Surprised Twitter allows this? I am. Clever though. Only downside right now, is that you require a Twitter API before you can use this software. Simple solution right now is to sign up as for a Twitter developer account to retrieve the API tokens. Cool. So, what does it do?

Tweeting involves posting short URLs and messages – of course, AnonTwi, does this with ease. Long messages are split and the decryption of URLs and the data you post is automatic – and best of all if Twitter deletes your account/messages, your messages are stored on your computer. Good to have a backup option! :) Also worth checking out privacy options – this is where you can fake your GPS location to make it appear you are tweeting from a different country.