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Dutch privacy regulator says Windows 10 breaks the law

The lack of clear information about what Microsoft does with the data that Windows 10 collects prevents consumers from giving their informed consent, says the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). As such, the regulator says that the operating system is breaking the law.

l33tdawg Sun, 10/15/2017 - 23:36 Industry News Microsoft
Xbox One X review: An exclamation point for hardware, a question mark for software

When the Xbox One launched in 2013, Microsoft had to try to convince gamers that extra features and hardware like the Kinect made its console worth $100 more than Sony’s PlayStation 4. Today, Microsoft is trying to convince many of those same gamers that the extra horsepower in the Xbox One X makes it worth $100 more than the PS4 Pro for the definitive living room 4K gaming experience.

l33tdawg Fri, 11/03/2017 - 07:43 Microsoft
Windows now includes gaming cheat detection at the system level

Developers that want to stop cheaters in their Windows games are getting a little additional system-level help from Microsoft via TruePlay, a new API being rolled out through Windows 10's Fall Creators Update.

l33tdawg Thu, 10/26/2017 - 08:38 Microsoft

Microsoft is using Cortana to read your private Skype conversations

posted onOctober 10, 2017
by l33tdawg

Cortana is a decent voice assistant. Hell, "she" is probably better than Apple's woefully disappointing Siri, but that isn't saying very much. Still, Microsoft's assistant very much annoys me on Windows 10. I don't necessarily want to use my desktop PC like my phone, and sometimes I feel like she is intruding on my computer. While some people like Cortana, I am sure others agree with me.

Windows Phone is now officially dead: A sad tale of what might have been

During the weekend, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore tweeted confirmation of something that has been suspected for many months: Microsoft is no longer developing new features or new hardware for Windows Mobile. Existing supported phones will receive bug fixes and security updates, but the platform is essentially now in maintenance mode.

l33tdawg Tue, 10/10/2017 - 02:36 Microsoft Hardware
Microsoft Sues Chinese Company for Hacking Xbox Accounts

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against a Chinese company that operates an online service that sells virtual gaming currencies, accusing the company of hacking into Xbox accounts and illegally purchasing game coins via the account owners' credit card.

According to court documents obtained by Bleeping Computer, Microsoft discovered the scheme last December, when its employees stumbled upon the iGSKY website, where visitors could purchase gaming currency for various console games, some of which were exclusive to the Xbox platform.

l33tdawg Sun, 05/28/2017 - 23:11 Microsoft
Microsoft says stockpiling of hacking tools by governments partly to blame for recent attack

Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer has come out today blaming governments’ stockpiling of hacking tools as part of the reason for the recent hack that affected the NHS. WannaCrypt, the ransomware that has hit hundreds of thousands of systems in recent days was crafted based on an exploit developed by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Microsoft President, Brad Smith, said:

l33tdawg Sun, 05/14/2017 - 23:31 Microsoft
Microsoft’s silence over unprecedented patch delay doesn’t smell right

Last month, Microsoft took the unprecedented step of canceling Patch Tuesday, the company's monthly release of security fixes for its large stable of software products. The move meant that customers had to wait 28 days to receive updates that fixed vulnerabilities that allowed hackers to completely hijack computers and networks.

l33tdawg Fri, 03/17/2017 - 04:11 Microsoft
Microsoft’s Teams is almost an excellent Slack-killer, and it’s now live for O365

After being in beta since November, Microsoft Teams is now available to anyone with a suitable Office 365 subscription.

l33tdawg Wed, 03/15/2017 - 07:44 Microsoft
Google – Once Again – Publicly Discloses Windows Bug After Microsoft Fails to Patch It

Google is once again dropping the same bomb on Microsoft – disclosing a vulnerability publicly after the company failed to patch it in time.

The Redmond software giant was expected to a send a security update on Patch Tuesday last week. However, it failed to do so and said that the updates will now be released “as part of the planned March Update Tuesday,” on March 14, 2017 – a whole month after they were supposed to go live.

l33tdawg Mon, 02/20/2017 - 22:28 Microsoft Security