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UK government finds that bulk collection is not mass surveillance

posted onMarch 13, 2015
by l33tdawg

The much anticipated official government review into GCHQ bulk data collection has found that such activity is fine, and should not be considered mass surveillance. It also acknowledged that some legislative change is needed.

Yup. The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament (ISC) has surprised us all by deciding that following "a comprehensive review of the full range of intrusive capabilities available to the UK intelligence Agencies", it is able to "present a landmark in terms of the openness and transparency surrounding the Agencies' work, and tell us that fears are unfounded.

The short version of this, presented to us by MP Hazel Blears, is that GCHQ operates within the law in a way that corresponds with legislation and a regime that is overly complicated and lacking in transparency. "The internet has transformed the way we communicate and conduct our day - to - day lives. However this has led to a tension between the individual right to privacy and the collective right to security," said the right honourable Blears, who reminded us that it is the threat of terrorism that necessitates the ‘intrusive' work of the agencies.



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