Trend Micro Offers Secure Cloud Storage For Workgroups

Trend Micro's SafeSync for Business is a cloud storage application aimed at workgroup and collaborative app storage and sharing. It goes above and beyond competitors' simple cloud storage or cloud backup offerings.

You manage the SafeSync environment from a Web console, from which you license the product, add new users and network folders, and control available storage. Once you have licensed the product, you download clients directly from within the console. You add new users by using their email address, to which they are sent a link for the appropriate client software for their platform (Windows or OS X). Mobile users on iOS or Android can download the mobile client from their appropriate store.

Once installed on the client desktop computer, the application creates a SafeSync folder, the default folder that is synched to the Trend Micro cloud. You can create subfolders and give users access only to the folders that they need for their work. Any folder on the client computer can be made a SafeSync folder, allowing data to be shared to the cloud with a few clicks of the mouse. The folder can be synchronized as a new online folder, or it can be connected to an existing folder in your SafeSync cloud. Once SafeSync is configured on all of your desktops, the shared folders will be kept synchronized at all times. Only the mobile clients have their content reloaded on access to the application.