Mega-Launch: A fake FBI raid, dancing girls - oh, and human rights!

Kim Dotcom may see himself as being at war with Hollywood, but the man has quite a sense of theatrics himself. The show he put on for the world tonight at his mansion outside Auckland was audacious and loud, featuring a Maori-themed musical performance by Tiki Taane, a raid re-enactment complete with helicopters marked "FBI," and dancing girls clad in military-style dress (but with miniskirts). That's how Dotcom announced his new service, Mega, to the world.

The service kicked off less than 24 hours ago, one year—to the minute—after Dotcom's house was raided and his old file-sharing service, Megaupload, was shut down.

"Sometimes good things come out of terrible events," Kim told the gathered audience of a few hundred people. "If it wasn't for a giant comet hitting the Earth, we would still be surrounded by angry dinosaurs—hungry, too!" Kim smiled. "And if it wasn't for the raid, we wouldn't have Mega." He recapped how his company was seized, lamenting how it was shut down without the opportunity to make an argument to a judge.