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How to Turn Off Facebook's Face Recognition Features

posted onFebruary 28, 2018
by l33tdawg

In recent days, more and more Facebook users started seeing a notification about how the social network uses its facial recognition technology. When Facebook first implemented the tech in 2013, it limited its use to suggesting tags in photos. In December, though, the company announced that it would expand face recognition's scope to notify you when someone added a photo you were in, whether it was tagged or not. If that sounds like something you'd rather Facebook not do, it's easy enough to stop.

If you haven't yet encountered the new notification, it provides some detail about the change. "You control face recognition," the message reads, popping up in your News Feed and explaining that the platform now has three main goals for the tech: surfacing photos of you that you haven't been tagged in, flagging situations where someone you don't seem to know uses a photo of you in their profile (perhaps to impersonate or troll you), and improving the photo-browsing experience for people with visual impairments. It then gives you a tailored explanation of whether your account is currently set to have the feature on or off.



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