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Former Microsoft employee launches third party SkyDrive Windows 8 app

posted onFebruary 7, 2013
by l33tdawg

 Microsoft has provided a SkyDrive "Modern" UI app for Windows 8 and Windows RT for some time, however the app still lacks some features compared to the Windows desktop app. For example, the "Modern" app cannot currently sync your SkyDrive account down to a local folder on your Windows 8 or RT PC. Windows 8 owners can do this with the desktop app, but if you own a Windows RT device, such as the Surface RT tablet, you are out of luck.

This week, a new third party SkyDrive app made its way to the Windows Store: it's called SkyDrive RT Sync and despite its name it also works on the x86-based Windows 8 as well. The developer of the app is David Overton, who worked at Microsoft for 12 years until he left the company in December.



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