Finally; Google Chrome will support Do Not Track

Google has finally added support for the DNT (Do Not Track) header to their latest developer build of Chrome. The modification is likely to make it into an official release of Google's popular web browser before the end of the year.

Do Not Track is a feature that allows users to express a simple yes or no preference about being tracked online.

Chrome is the last of the major browsers to include support for Do Not Track and it means that 2013 is shaping up to be a very important year for web privacy. The DNT preference tells browsers to send a signal (an HTTP header) to websites that says, simply, DNT:1 for "it's not OK to track me" and DNT:0 for "it's OK to track me".

1 comment for 'Finally; Google Chrome will support Do Not Track'

I don't think this plugin will make any difference. Can it really protect your privacy? I doubt it.
How about making a "Do not crash" plus? LoL.
My chrome do crash sometimes although not very often. But it's still one of my main browsers(I still have ie9,firefox and Avant browser).Like it fast speed and simple interface.