Embarrassing Facebook photos not enough for restraining order


In a legal skirmish that pitted a nephew against his uncle on harassment allegations for posting childhood Christmas pictures on Facebook, a judge has ruled that although comments about such images may be "mean and disrespectful," they and those pictures do not rise to the level necessary to remove them, or for a restraining order to prevent such images from turning up again.

Aaron Olson, of Chisago City, Minn., filed for a harassment restraining order against his uncle, Randall LaBrie,  in Oct. 2010, claiming "that family photos and accompanying text, posted by respondent to the social-networking web site Facebook, constituted harassment." LaBrie had, as relatives are wont to do, posted family photos on his Facebook page from March to June 2010. Included in the trip down memory lane were photos of Olson in group portraits, such as in front of a Christmas tree.