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Bitcoin exchange Bitfloor attempts comeback after $250,000 heist

posted onSeptember 27, 2012
by l33tdawg

Bitfloor, a fast-growing Bitcoin exchange that was felled by a security breach earlier this month, has resumed operations. Founder Roman Shtylman announced the site's revival on Google Plus.

The exchange lost Bitcoins valued at about $250,000 in the heist. As a result, Bitfloor was incapable of repaying clients who had deposited Bitcoins, forcing the site to suspend operations. Bitfloor still lacks the funds to repay those users, so it has officially designated those funds as "on hold."

"Your balance as of the theft will remain on hold and be released in parts as we begin to recover funds to pay back balances," the post says. "As funds are available for repayment, they will be dispersed on a pro-rated basis." In an interview with IDG, Shtylman said he has reported the theft to the FBI, and that he was determined to earn enough profits to make his long-suffering customers whole.



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