Anonymous Leaks 38,000 Emails From Special Agent

A Special Agent Supervisor of the CA Department of Justice is the latest victim of Anonymous who claims that their operations against the FBI succeeded once again after managing to hack two of his Gmail accounts.

As a result, 38,000 emails containing “detailed computer forensics techniques, investigation protocols as well as highly embarrassing personal information,” were published online.

“We are confident these gifts will bring smiles to the faces of our black hat brothers and sisters (especially those who have been targeted by these scurvy dogs) while also making a mockery of 'security professionals' who whore their 'skills' to law enforcement to protect tyrannical corporativism and the status quo we aim to destroy,” a video statement claims. Their find contains not only professional activity related info but also voicemails from angry ex-wives and girlfriends. Besides this and the internet searches the man made, they also abused his Google voice account to show his friends and family that he's owned.