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GitHub Developer Program emphasizes integrations

posted onMarch 7, 2014
by l33tdawg

GitHub is reaching out to developers with the formation of a program encouraging them to link to the popular code-sharing site.

The GitHub Developer Program offers resources to work with the GitHub API, which includes features like project management, authentication, and the triggering of code-testing when committing code to GitHub. "Really, almost anything you can do on GitHub, we open up an API for it," said Ryan Day, head of business development at the company.

Microsoft ships Office 2013 SP1 the old-fashioned way

posted onFebruary 27, 2014
by l33tdawg

Microsoft delivered the first service pack for Office 2013 on Tuesday, making good on a promise last year to ship the update in early 2014 and synchronizing its release with prior editions' initial service packs.

Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) was accompanied by similar updates for Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013, the two most important server-side products that tie in with Office in enterprises.

Google Chrome 33 released, with better security

posted onFebruary 24, 2014
by l33tdawg

The new release proves controversial as Google tightens control over the browser to the anger of some users.

In terms of new features, version 33 is rather disappointing – despite debuting in the beta channel a few weeks ago, Google Now notifications have yet to make their way across to the stable channel. In fact, version 33 is little more than a bug-fix release, with 28 security fixes the only notable highlight.

VMware and Google announce Windows applications for Chrome OS

posted onFebruary 14, 2014
by l33tdawg

VMware is teaming up with Google to bring Windows applications to Chrome OS machines.

The system will use VMware's Blast HTML5 technology to virtualise a Windows environment under Chrome OS.

With the rise in sales for the Google based operating system (OS), there has arisen a need to find a way to run traditional systems in a Chrome environment, and this represents an opportunity for enterprise users who are still tied to Windows XP, which is into its final two months of service life, to continue more or less uninterrupted without having to fear the threat of malware.

Microsoft is 'seriously considering' bringing Android apps to Windows

posted onFebruary 13, 2014
by l33tdawg

Microsoft reportedly is 'seriously considering' allowing Android apps to run on its Windows and Windows Phone operating systems.

That's according to The Verge, which has heard from sources familiar with Microsoft's plans that the company is mulling the prospect of bringing Android apps to both Windows and Windows Phone in order to win over new customers.

Firefox 27 Delivers Better Security, Performance

posted onFebruary 5, 2014
by l33tdawg

Mozilla today released Firefox 27, giving users of the open-source browser new security features and improved performance.

There are 13 security advisories attached to the Firefox 27 release, four of them ranked as being critical. As is common in nearly all Firefox release updates, one of the critical updates is for a group of vulnerabilities that Mozilla labels "Miscellaneous memory safety hazards."

The Pebble App Store Is Open: Here's What to Grab First

posted onFebruary 5, 2014
by l33tdawg

Pebble has finally opened up its long-awaited app store, and not a moment too soon. We’re ready to see what a smartwatch can really do with a thriving ecosystem of third party developers and a single consolidated marketplace behind it.

We already checked out major apps like ESPN, Yelp, and Foursquare with the new Pebble Steel, all of which we’d highly recommend installing. But the Pebble App Store actually houses over 1,000 new apps and watch faces. Apps fall in one of six categories: Daily, Tools & Utilities, Notifications, Remotes, Fitness, and Games.

12 predictions for the future of programming

posted onFebruary 4, 2014
by l33tdawg

If hitting a target is hard and hitting a moving target is even harder, then creating a new hit technology is next to impossible because the shape and nature of the target morphs as it moves. Think of building a swish new laptop just as laptops are heading out of favor, or a must-have mobile app just as smartphones plateau, or a dynamite tablet experience just as the wearable future takes hold.

AVG kills its remote access service

posted onFebruary 3, 2014
by l33tdawg

AVG has shut down its remote access service Crossloop.

The security company acquired Crossloop in 2012, to support what it says is a “ rapidly growing AVG CloudCare offering”. Despite the @crossloop Twitter account boasting it connected “ 20,000 computer support experts” AVG shuttered the service last Friday.

Users aren't happy because AVG seems to have offered no notice whatsoever: a document.lastModified query on the service's home page produces a date of January 31st, the same day the letter now resident on that page is dated.

Cycloramic hits top of App Store after Shark Tank appearance, $500k investment & 100k downloads in an hour

posted onFebruary 3, 2014
by l33tdawg

What happens when your app gets featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, the TV show where rich investors listen to pitches from wannabe entrepreneurs looking to raise funds? For app developers Egos Ventures it means shooting up hundreds of spots on the App Store charts to become the top paid app in the store overnight. The developers behind the hands-free panorama app called Cycloramic were able to capture a $500k investment from two of the Sharks on last night’s episode.