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SMS and the 11 Popular Methods of Cyber Hacking Smartphones

posted onDecember 3, 2012
by l33tdawg

A report by Malaysian daily The Star on Sunday said that the country logged 24 cases of electronic hacking involving RM3.3 million in losses. The hacking of smartphones took place between January and September 2012.

The reports highlights the vulnerability of smartphones to cyber hacking and other malicious threats through the mobile phones' short messaging service (SMS) which is celebrating 20 years of use on Dec 3, Monday.

TreasonSMS Bug Allows Hackers to Execute Malicious Code on iPhones

posted onApril 24, 2012
by l33tdawg

Researchers from the Vulnerability Lab have found high severity HTML Inject and File Include security holes in TreasonSMS, an iPhone application that allows users to send text messages from their desktop computers by turning the phone into a SMS webserver.

According to the experts, the vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely, allowing an attacker to “include malicious persistent script codes on the application-side of the iPhone.”