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Microsoft's anti-surveillance, pro-privacy website was hacked by casino spammer

posted onJune 22, 2015
by l33tdawg

Digital Constitution, a website devoted to how Microsoft is fighting government surveillance and working to protect online privacy in a digital world, was hacked to promote online casinos.

ZDNet, which captured a screenshot, reported that the “site appears to have been modified around 9:15pm ET on Wednesday.” The attacker “injected text with keywords” like “online casino,” “poker, “craps, “roulette” and “blackjack.” Additionally, some new pages were “injected to show content that embeds content from other casino-related websites.” Microsoft has since taken that down.

Report: The State Department has a hacker problem

posted onFebruary 20, 2015
by l33tdawg

 Three months after the U.S. State Department confirmed hackers breached its unclassified email system, the government has still not been able to evict them from the network, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing three people familiar with the investigation.

Government officials, assisted by outside contractors and the National Security Agency, have repeatedly scanned the network and taken some systems offline, the Journal reported. But investigators still see signs of the hackers on State Department computers, the people familiar with the matter told the paper.

Russian 'super-hacker' appears in US court

posted onFebruary 20, 2015
by l33tdawg

A Russian wanted in the hacking of the Nasdaq stock market and of payment systems resulting in US$300 million in losses has been extradited to face US criminal charges.

Vladimir Drinkman, 34, appeared in court to face criminal charges in Newark, New Jersey after being extradited from the Netherlands, the Justice Department said in a statement.

Hacker who plotted to send heroin to Brian Krebs arrested in Italy

posted onJune 30, 2014
by l33tdawg

Until the Brian Krebs movie hits the theaters, we'll have to make do with the arrest of a Ukrainian man suspected of being behind a plot to frame the award-winning security journalist for dealing heroin.

Krebs' exploits scarcely need to be scripted; they're already Hollywood popcorn-crunching seat-of-your pants, as you can glean from New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth's February 2014 profile:

Kiwis unplug supercomputer after intrusion

posted onMay 26, 2014
by l33tdawg

A $12.7 million supercomputer owned by Niwa has been targeted by a computer hacker believed to have come from China.

The computer, known as FitzRoy, is housed in a specially constructed room at the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research base at Greta Point, Wellington.

Thailand arrests infamous hacker wanted by Switzerland

posted onMarch 19, 2014
by l33tdawg

An infamous computer hacker has been arrested in Thailand at the request of Switzerland on suspicion of hacking into bank computer systems in Europe, an official said Tuesday.

Farid Essebar, who has dual Moroccan-Russian nationality, was detained in Bangkok last week, according to Police Colonel Songsak Raksaksakul of the Department of Special Investigation, Thailand's equivalent of the FBI.

2014 - The year of the hacker?

posted onFebruary 17, 2014
by l33tdawg

The dramatic increase in the number of security attacks and the sophistication of the cyber criminals masterminding them means there is a critical need for businesses to take a more radical approach to their information security.

2013 saw a surge in high-profile security attacks and data breaches – with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Apple all suffering at the hands of cyber criminals.

Slovenian hacker sentenced to jail for 'malicious' programme

posted onDecember 23, 2013
by l33tdawg

A Slovenian court on Monday sentenced to 58 months in jail Matjaz Skorjanc, the creator of the "Mariposa Botnet", a vast network of virus-infected computers used by criminal hackers.

Skorjanc was found guilty of "creating a malicious computer programme for hacking information systems, assisting in wrongdoings and money laundering", the Maribor regional court said.

Singaporean 'Anonymous hacker' denied bail

posted onDecember 4, 2013
by l33tdawg

 A Singapore court on Wednesday denied bail to a man charged with hacking the district website of the Prime Minister, using the symbol of international hacker group Anonymous.

Singaporean James Raj was extradited from Malaysia and charged on November 12 with hacking the Ang Mo Kio district website, whose MPs include Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and posting the image of a Guy Fawkes Mask used by Anonymous.

Suspected 'Messiah' hacker charged in court

posted onNovember 12, 2013
by l33tdawg

The man suspected of hacking into Government websites under the moniker “The Messiah” was charged in the Subordinate Courts under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act today (Nov 12).

The 35-year-old Singaporean was charged with carrying out “unauthorised modifications” to websites here, including adding an image of Guy Fawkes mask and messages signed off as “The Messiah”, using a computer in Kuala Lumpur.