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ZTE Grand S3 can be unlocked with eye-based biometric solution

posted onMarch 2, 2015
by l33tdawg

Today at MWC 2015, we played with the ZTE Grand S3. ZTE's new flagship device lets users unlock their phones by looking at the front-facing camera. The cutting edge solution, called Eyeprint ID, works by scanning unique vein patterns in the human eye. See how it works in our brief hands-on video.

Swipe down from the top of the lock screen to bring up the eye scanner. You'll need to place the phone in front of your face so that both eyes appear in the box. It takes about 5 seconds from swiping down on the screen to unlock the Grand S3.

The ZTE Grand S3 is one of the first smartphones in the world to offer this solution. It eliminates the pain of having to tap a pin code or swipe a pattern on the screen. Another solution is unlocking with our fingerprints in recent devices. It can be found on Apple devices and even the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Will the eye-based biometric solution found on the Grand S3 be next step up?




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