Zimperium releases zDefender - Enterprise smartphone IDS/IPS


Zimperium, an Israeli security start up founded by Zuk Avraham, a world-renowned hacker and security researcher, has debuted its latest product, the zDefender at DEMO in Santa Clara, California today. 

zDefender is the only enterprise software that is able to identify attacks and potential threats, and takes preemptive automatic measures to mitigate them. zDefender is able to do this by using Zimperium's patent-pending zCore technology. These preventive actions are robust and seamless to the user, and enable even the least sophisticated users in any organization to protect themselves from inadvertent attacks. This functionality may be offered on a modular basis, depending on the vertical market and specific customer requirements.

Zimperium's first product has been distributed worldwide to over 50,000 users, since its launch several months ago in the Android AppStore. ANTI™ (Android Network Toolkit) offers ethical hacking "exploit-as-a-service" capabilities, aimed at professional customers, enterprise and small-medium sized companies, as well as Do-It-Yourself users. ANTI packages range from $10 to $250 according to 'pay-per-use' offered plans.