'Woven' turns you into a Kinect


Who needs an Xbox when you can just put on a sweatshirt and thrash your arms about? That's the idea behind Woven, a wearable gaming platform by two Dutch designers.

Christiaan Ribbens and Patrick Kersten, recent graduates of the Utrecht School of the Arts, embedded a sweater and pair of jeans with a small Bluetooth module, speakers, motion sensors, shake motors, a three-color LED screen, and other gizmos to create their concept gaming platform. A trio of LilyPad Arduino microcontrollers process the data and operate the LEDs (and are, incidentally, washable).

Ribben and Kersten even created a pervasive game especially for Woven -- Spooky, which has the Woven wearer running around appearing to spontaneously air-box in an attempt to capture ghosts and phantoms that "attack" at random.