WikiLeaks Grand Jury Witness David House Publishes First Account Of Prosecutors' Questioning

The world has known for 18 months that a grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia has been exploring the potential to indict anyone associated with the secret-spilling group WikiLeaks. But as with all things WikiLeaks-related, the truth gets more interesting when documents start to emerge.

David House, a friend of WikiLeaks’ alleged source Bradley Manning who first met the young Army private at a hacker space in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has published a detailed account of his interrogation by prosecutors. House doesn’t say much in that questioning: He confirms his name and birthdate, and otherwise invokes the fifth amendment against self incrimination to avoid responding. But the questions themselves shed light on an investigation that has otherwise taken place almost entirely in secret, and show that the prosecution may be digging into Bradley Manning’s ties to a group of Boston hackers who attended BUILDS, a hackerspace House founded.