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Why are Lulzsec and Anonymous hacking game companies?

posted onJune 16, 2011
by l33tdawg

They called it Titanic Takeover Tuesday. Over the course of several hours on 14 June, the hacker group Lulzsec orchestrated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against three online games – Minecraft, Eve Online and League of Legends – as well as the gaming news site, Escapist.

The victims were knocked offline, websites went down, login servers collapsed, and via its Twitter feed, the culprit(s) reported on the chaos with undisguised glee. Lulzsec is on a roll. Earlier this month the team broke into the Sony Pictures website and took the personal details of 1 million customers (although Sony later claimed it was closer to 40,000).

This was followed by a breach of Nintendo's site, and then a more concerted onslaught against game publisher Bethesda. This time, Lulzsec kicked off with a DDoS attack, but when the inherent weakness of the system became clear, the team shifted into a more penetrative smash-and-grab raid. And that's besides their apparent attack against the CIA's website, which they claimed to have brought down on Wednesday evening.



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