VTech waves off security responsiblity after major 2015 breach

In late 2015, children’s toy manufacturer VTech hit the headlines after a major security breach caused personal data from some five million users to become compromised. Now, the company has taken steps to wash its hands of responsibility for any similar event that might take place in the future.

VTech has relaunched its online app store, the Learning Lodge, which was the target of the attack two months ago. However, a change to the terms and conditions associated with the service seems to be more concerned with covering the company’s back than with defending the personal data of its customers, according to a report from Tech Spot.

Littered with such phrases as “at your own risk” and “full responsibility,” the gist of the document is that VTech will not be held accountable for losses arising from any future breach. The terms explicitly state that VTech will not be liable for “damages of any kind” should such a situation arise.