Twitter may introduce two-step authentication after recent hacking incidents

The micro-blogging website Twitter is looking at introducing two-step authentication after a spate of high-profile hacking incidents.

According to a news report by, Twitter is already in process of testing this two-step security solution internally and will be looking to offer this to users shortly. There is no exact word on when the micro-blogging website will be rolling out this new feature. Wired has also mentioned that Twitter had posted a job advertisement in February to solicit engineers that will be engaged in developing this system.

The two-step authentication is expected to help Twitter in combatting hacking attempts. Recently, many users, especially celebrities and high-profile organisations have reported about their Twitter accounts be hacked. Just this Tuesday, the Twitter account of Associated Press had been compromised. The hacker had tweeted through the AP account a false news regarding bombing at White House and President Obama being injured.