Tumblr disrupted by fast-spreading worm


A group of internet "trolls" is behind the spread of an offensive post – a worm which went viral Monday on blogging platform Tumblr, reposting itself on victims' pages and on those of infected visitors.

GNAA, an "anti-blogging" group that in the past has attacked major sites – such as CNN, President Obama's campaign and Wikipedia – claimed responsibility for spreading the worm, which took the form of a verbal tirade that appeared on the Tumblr pages of more than 8,000 users, according to Monday tweets that appear to have been deleted by a group member who sent them. USA Today and Reuters were among the Tumblr pages struck by the worm.

The trolling group, which goes by an inflammatory name, explained the incident as a “war on bronies” – fans of the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, according to a release from GNAA. A Tumblr page for fans of the animated show was the target of the attacks, and online publication The Daily Dot was among the first to have its Tumblr page exploited.