TeslaCrypt 4.0: Bigger, Badder and Unbreakable

The ransomware known as TeslaCrypt has enhanced its code—to include unbreakable encryption and a rash of upgrades.

TeslaCrypt was first designed to target computers that have specific computer games installed—but has since widened its purview. The trojan will encrypt all files and lock victims out of their systems, and then ask for ransom for the decrypt key, which can vary between $150 and $1000 worth of bitcoins.

TeslaCrypt 4.0, uncovered by Heimdal Security, has a nifty new feature: RSA 4096 for encrypting data. Consequently, the data held hostage will be impossible to recover if the victim doesn’t have a backup copy. Also, “It’s important to know that the tool ‘TeslaDecoder‘ no longer works with Teslacrypt 4.0,” explained Heimdal security specialist Andra Zaharia, in an analysis. “Unfortunately, this is one of the many fixes that the cyber-criminals have included in the new version.”