TappLock is a padlock with a fingerprint sensor to open


Now that we're living in the age of sufficient fingerprint sensors, devices like the TappLock are on the rise. The creators of the TappLock have embedded a fingerprint sensor (aka a fingerprint reader) into a padlock, allowing the user to do away with keys altogether. This system, they suggest, will allow you to "never worry about losing your keys, forgetting your combination code, or getting your locks picked again." That is, until the device's sensor malfunctions. But that'll never happen, right?

If you're worried about not being able to get in to the lock if your fingerprints have (somehow, terribly) been burned away, don't fret. This lock works with Bluetooth access as well - meaning if you've got access to your smartphone, you can open the lock.

The app for the TappLock also allows you to share access. That means that other smartphones with the app could gain access to the lock as well, just as long as you've authorized them.