Talking insider threats at the CSO40 Security Confab and Awards

These days, the threat landscape for most companies is massive. But while there is a litany of outside threats that their security teams need to worry about, there is often an even greater danger much closer to home. Insider threats are an issue that no company is safe from, with breaches not just occurring at the hands of a disgruntled or malicious employee, but also unintentionally as a result of ignorance.

At this year's CSO40 Security Confab and Awards, Arthur Wang, ReSource Pro's information security and helpdesk supervisor, took to the stage to talk about mitigating those threats by spreading awareness and encouraging best practices for security and privacy. While many of the challenges his security team faced – being seen as an enforcer and not a partner, compliance issues, a limited budget, poor awareness of security policies, adaptation to new risks, etc. – would undoubtedly sound familiar to some, it's how Wang chooses to address those issues that's unique.

"Security is more than just policies and procedures," said Wang. "We must also consider the human element.