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Sysadmin creates tool to scour web for hacked data

posted onNovember 26, 2012
by l33tdawg

A Wellington system administrator has developed a tool to identify corporate secrets, hacked data and even stolen credit cards as they emerge on social networks and online clipboards.

Users could set the OSINT OPSEC (Open Source Intelligence / Operational Security) Tool to monitor for keywords, allowing, for example, an organisation to be alerted if a hacking group dumped its sensitive data to clipboard site Pastebin.

Or it could scour Stack Exchange for intellectual property code snippets, use Twitter to track the whereabouts of politicians in warzones, or check Reddit, Facebook and Wordpress to avert potential PR disasters. Blackhats, too, could benefit from the OSINT OPSEC Tool. However author Brendan 'Hyprwired' Jamieson, 21, said it was made to assist users with defence and operational awareness.



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