Syrian hackers strike back at Anonymous

Not all hackers are united. That could not be more evident based on the latest hacking attempt, this time on Anonymous rather than by its own members.

Of course, Anonymous did do something to incite the attack. The worldwide network recently took credit for defacing Syria's Ministry of Defence website, which prompted some loyal citizens and hackers to strike back. They did so by posting the following message with some disturbing photographs on Anonymous' social network, AnonPlus.

In response to your hacking to the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defence, the Syrian people have decided to purify the internet of [y]our pathetic website.

The images and the post were still live on AnonPlus' home page when this article was published. (Viewer discretion is advised.) However, Anonymous has not come out and specifically named anyone who they believe or know to be responsible.

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From his Twitter

Turns out people were correct: was a troll domain. Belongs to "fro" aka "cnaperth" aka "Adam Bennett" from Perth, Aussie.