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Rise In U.S. Hacker Attacks Against China

posted onOctober 15, 2012
by l33tdawg

News last week that a U.S. government report alleged Chinese telecom companies were likely spying on U.S. firms comes at a time when Chinese companies are getting hacked into like never before.  Including from computer systems in the U.S.

Now China has joined the chorus of countries saying the internet is no longer safe.

Whether it’s Huawei supposedly spying on U.S. telecom partners, or Chinese hackers breaking into Washington secrets, the same now holds for China. Foreigners are hacking into or spying on secret Chinese systems in ever-increasing numbers. About 7.8 million Chinese computers were affected in 27,900 IP attacks that originated in other countries. And that’s just between January and June, China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team said on Monday.



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