Review: What to expect from Mega's free 50GBs of cloud storage

Who wouldn't want 50GBs of free Internet storage? Dropbox is all fine and well, but it starts with a mere 2GBs of free space.  Kim Dotcom's newly launched Mega cloud storage service with its free 50GBs of storage sounds much better, but how well does it really work? Let me open by saying it's a long, long way from perfect.

To get your free 50GBs of storage, you first must register your account with a valid e-mail address. Once you've done this—and it may take a while since the system is heavily over-burdened—you'll get a link to use to login to Mega.

You can just any Web browser to access your new storage so long as its actively supporting JavaScript. Mega recommends Chrome, but I was also able to use it with Firefox. However, Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8's default browser, is known to freeze up after uploading appoximately 100MBs of files.