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Researchers Find 34,200 Vulnerable Ethereum Smart Contracts

posted onMarch 5, 2018
by l33tdawg

L33tdawg: Want to hack Ethereum smart contracts? This #HITB2018AMS talk has the info you need.

A scan of nearly one million Ethereum smart contracts has identified 34,200 vulnerable contracts that can be exploited to steal Ether, and even freeze or delete assets in contracts the attackers don't own.

For the average user not familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts are a set of coded operations that get executed automatically when someone sends an input to the contract.

Smart contracts are one of the reasons why the Ethereum network and its cryptocurerncy —Ether— are so popular. Smart contracts is what powers most of today's ICOs, but they also run various other Ethereum-based services and tools.



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