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Raspberry Pi: Hacking the world's cheapest computer

posted onApril 2, 2013
by l33tdawg

 It may not be the prettiest, but the world's smallest, cheapest personal computer is inspiring a wave of delightful DIY innovation among tech hobbyists across the planet.

With a price tag of just $25, the unassuming Raspberry Pi is an easily-programmable, open-source single board computer, about the size of a credit card, whose cost, size and low power requirements make it ideally suited for backyard inventors.

Described by its creator, University of Cambridge professor Eben Upton as "an attempt to try and reboot some of that 1980s computer industry feel," the technology has been embraced by creative hackers worldwide and put to use in home weather stations to hot air balloon tracking and camera systems.



RaspberryPi Hardware Technology

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