Rancher Rolls Out Docker Container Management Platform

Rancher Labs today announced the general availability of its namesake platform Rancher 1.0, which provides tools that enable organizations to easily manage and deploy Docker containers.

Officially started in September 2014, Rancher Labs has raised $10 million in funding to date. In a June 2015 video interview with eWEEK, Shannon Williams, co-founder of Rancher Labs, detailed his vision for the company, which is coming to fruition with the Rancher 1.0 release.

"When we started there really wasn't a full enterprise-level platform for managing containers," Williams told eWEEK. Over the course of the Rancher beta program, there were approximately 700,000 downloads of the open-source Rancher management software, according to Williams. There also were approximately 2,500 companies officially participating in the Rancher beta program.