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Pokemon GO Servers Suffer DDoS Attack at the Hands of PoodleCorp

posted onJuly 17, 2016
by l33tdawg

Saturday, at around 2 PM, Pokemon GO servers experienced a prolonged downtime that affected all game infrastructure, thanks to a DDoS attack carried out by the relatively new PoodleCorp hacking crew.

As most DDoS attacks against gaming targets, the hackers weren't really focused on crashing the servers or extorting the company, but more about getting a reaction from the annoyed gamers, which didn't fail to arrive, on Reddit and Twitter, and with a lot of vitriol.

Just like Lizard Squad and Phantom Squad's Christmas attacks on the Xbox and PSN networks these past years, the hackers were actually focused on ruining everyone else's fun. And we all know how much people like Pokemon GO these days. For example, take this video of hundreds of players flocking to a park in New York, just because a rare Pokemon appeared nearby.




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