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PayPal's TIO data breach: 1.6 million customers' personal details stolen by hackers

posted onDecember 4, 2017
by l33tdawg

PayPal has revealed that its recently acquired company TIO Networks has suffered a data breach compromising the personal information of 1.6 million customers. PayPal bought the Canadian payment processing company, which has over 60,000 utility and bills payment kiosks across North America, for $238m (£177m) in cash in July.

On Friday, 1 December, PayPal said a review of TIO's network showed evidence of a breach that may have compromised the details of about 1.6 million users, including locations that stored personal data of TIO customers and customers of TIO billers.

The company did not specify when or how the breach took place and did not reveal details of the type of information accessed by the hackers either.



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