PayPal's security works

Andy Steingruebl wants you to know that he's a glass-half-full kind of guy when it comes to information security.

The reason for this optimism is not strictly rooted in the groundbreaking work that Steingruebl, senior manager of customer and ecosystem security for PayPal, and his team are doing to protect users from today's assortment of internet threats.

It is also related to teamwork underway among the larger network of internet giants, PayPal included. There is a growing understanding that for one company to succeed in the hostile skies of cyber, everyone must chip in.  “It's easy to think of security guys as pessimists,” says Steingruebl. “I'm not.”  Working to protect their own customers from all-too-common threats, like SQL injection and cross-site scripting, as well as collaborating with each other, PayPal and its peers are fighting a security war on multiple fronts. The good news is they may be winning.