Pakistan Domain Registrar Hacked Again, 23000 Domains Affected

PKNIC, the domain registrar of Pakistan’s .pk domains has been reportedly hacked again this morning. A hackers group named PakBugs has claimed that they have successfully penetrated PKNIC servers and gained control of around 23,000 domains which included some of the most popular pakistani websites like Daily Jang, The News, Express News and ProPakistani etc. At the time of this writing, these sites were back to normal because the owners of the domains again changed back the DNS servers back to original ones.

PakBugs has claimed that they have complete account information of 23,000 users of PKNIC and their domains. It has also been claimed by the hackers that they are in complete control of everything being stored on PKNIC servers. `This is not the first time that PKNIC servers have been compromised. Earlier a Turkish hacker successfully managed to penetrate PKNIC servers and redirected 284 .pk domains.