One of the world’s most notorious hackers just revealed his identity to me

The man behind Team GhostShell — the hacker collective behind some of the biggest cyber attacks in recent memory, including attacks on the FBI, NASA and the Pentagon as well as a leak that saw 2.5 million Russian “government, educational, academic, political and law enforcement” accounts compromised — is ready to come clean and face the music.

GhostShell was most active in 2012, penetrating the aforementioned hacks on US and Russian intelligence agencies, but the silence that came in the three years between their last public attack and the subsequent return wasn’t quite the death of the group that many thought it would be.

In 2015, GhostShell came back with a vengeance, only this time a much darker, seedier version emerged, hell-bent on destroying anything in its path and leaking information through its “dark hacktivism” campaign for seemingly no other reason than to prove it could.