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New hacker collective targets SWIFT system

posted onOctober 13, 2016
by l33tdawg

Following the $81 million cyberattack in February, a second hacking group has emerged with the intention of exploiting the SWIFT money transfer system to rob banks.

A report from the security firm Symantec has revealed that these cyberattacks have occurred since January and have targeted companies located in the US, Hong Kong, Australian and other countries. The firm has detected 74 different computer infections that suggest that around 100 organizations have been affected by these attacks so far.

The attackers uses malware as a means of covering up the records of fraudulent transaction made over SWIFT which prevented the victims of the attacks from realizing that they had been hacked. Symantec has tied the latest attack to the one in February that occurred at a bank in Bangladesh by the way in which the attackers tampered with the Swift system in order to hide the evidence that an attack had even occurred.




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