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More Speakers Announced for HITBSecConf2018 - Beijing (#HITB2018PEK)

posted onDecember 15, 2017
by l33tdawg

The first HITB Security Conference in Beijing takes place 22nd - 26th October and features an invite only list of speakers for the 2-day triple track conference. We're bringing some of our favorite speakers from the past years and we're super excited to have them join us in this inaugural show. Take a look at the new speakers we've just announced!

  1. Hugo Teso - Head of Aviation Cyber Security Services, F-Secure Corporation
  2. Jun Li - Senior Security Researcher, UnicornTeam, Qihoo360
  3. Lin Huang - Wireless Security Researcher, Qihoo360 Unicorn Team
  4. Benjamin Kunz - Founder, Vulnerability Lab
  5. Zuk Avraham - Founder, CEO at ZecOps / Founder, Chairman @ZIMPERIUM
  6. The Grugq - Vice President of Threat Intelligence, Comae Technologies
  7. Fyodor Yarochkin - Threat Researcher at Trend Micro
  8. Sophia D’Antoine - Security Researcher, Trail of Bits
  9. Najwa Aaraj -  Senior Vice President – Special Projects, DarkMatter LLC
  10. Nikias Bassen - VP of Platform Researcher, ZIMPERIUM
  11. Jaya Baloo - Chief Information Security Officer, KPN
  12. Stefano Zanero - Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano
  13. Matteo Beccaro - Co-Founder/CTO, Opposing Force s.r.l.

Full speaker list:



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