Microsoft to the US Government: Stop Hacking Our Servers

Microsoft is one of the large US companies who are calling for a reform of the government surveillance laws, asking not only for increased transparency, but also for new laws that would basically block American agencies from accessing information stored on servers across the board.

In a lengthy letter published by Brad Smith, general counsel & executive vice president, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft, Redmond reminds that the United States government should only be allowed to access user information stored on domestic servers and the search warrants “must end at U.S. borders.”

“The U.S. government wouldn’t stand for other governments seeking to serve search warrants within American borders to seize the content of U.S. citizens’ emails without going through U.S. legal process. Why should it expect other governments to react any differently? The U.S. government should stop trying to force tech companies to circumvent treaties by turning over data in other countries,” Brad Smith wrote.