Microsoft Nabs Alleged Xbox 720 Hacker

Software and tech hardware companies have to protect their secrets and shield their upcoming products from the prying eyes of competition right up to the day they choose to announce. In a multi-billion dollar industry like gaming, market players take this kind of thing seriously. Very seriously. An Australian hacker was visited by a handful of law enforcement officials this week on allegations that he’s been stealing intel about the not-yet-released new Xbox, a Microsoft product. (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Hoping to avoid a leak of secrets related to the newest iteration of the popular gaming console, Microsoft has been tracking the intel-siphoning that the hacker – Dan Henry, also known as SuperDaE – had been allegedly conducting.

Henry (apparently an alias) is believed by the company to have collected information about the newest console, as well as the Durango development kit. The company had been in contact with him a month ago through its own Anti-Piracy and Confidential Information Management team, according to a report from  Microsoft wanted to know everything that he knew and how he knew it, according to an account given by Henry.