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Microsoft hails effectiveness of Europe cyber security efforts

posted onFebruary 7, 2013
by l33tdawg

A pair of European cyber security initiatives are helping to make the region safer to surf, according to Microsoft.

The company said in its Security Intelligence Report on the security landscape that countries who participate in the Council of Europe and London Action Plan security initiatives are more likely to perform at or above expectations in comparison with other countries.

Signed in 2001, the Council of Europe cybercrime convention has since been ratified by 37 countries, while the 2004 London Action Plan has been signed by 27 countries. While each initiative provides a guidance for policies and international cooperation, Microsoft said that they also contribute to strong overall security policies. Of the nations who meet microsoft's standards for overachieving on security, 51 per cent participate in the Council of Europe cybercrime agreement.



Microsoft EU Security

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