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Make your new Mac more useful with these essential apps

posted onDecember 26, 2017
by l33tdawg

A brand new Mac is a semi-blank canvas ready for the owner to turn into their ideal workspace, by adding the applications and utilities they aim to use in the future. AppleInsider has collected together a list of software that those new to macOS may want to install to their new Mac shortly after turning it on for the first time.

It is worth bearing in mind that all new Mac systems ship with a considerable amount of applications included as part of macOS. Practically most normal uses for the Mac are covered by Apple, including productivity, creative, and entertainment apps, so it is best to look at what is available before downloading anything new.

For example, those requiring productivity tools for writing, calculation, and presentations can use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Creative users can try out Photos, iMovie for video editing, and GarageBand for music creation, with Mail, Messages, and FaceTime offered as ways to communicate with other people.




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