Lawyers threaten redditor over negative router review on Amazon

Lawyers for Mediabridge Products, a wireless network device manufacturer, sent a scathing letter to a redditor on Monday, threatening to sue him unless he deletes his negative review of one of the company's products on

After posting the negative review of a Medialink Wireless Router product—which became the “most helpful” negative review on—an attorney for Mediabridge sent him a letter explaining that the company “zealously guards its hard-earned reputation” and that “you have harmed Mediabridge and we intend to hold you liable for all damages sustained.”

The reviewer, who goes by "trevely," posted the letter to reddit, soliciting responses (and receiving lots of them) and requesting help with his legal fees. “If you want to contribute to my legal fees, just message me for a link. I haven't been served yet, so hopefully it won't come to that,” the redditor explained.