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Java Patch Didn't Fix Everything, New Exploit On Sale For $5,000

posted onJanuary 17, 2013
by l33tdawg

Microsoft and Oracle both released patches this week for zero-day exploits found in Internet Explorer 8 and Java. If you still use Internet Explorer 8 or below, you should probably download the fix available via Windows Update. As for Java, you should probably still keep that disabled.

Krebs on Security reports that a hacker has already found a hole in the Java fix that Oracle uploaded this week. This particular hacker relayed the news to others on a private Web forum, and began looking for buyers. Here’s the sales pitch:

New Java 0day, selling to 2 people, 5k$ per person

    And you thought Java had epically failed when the last 0day came out. I lol’d. The best part is even-though java has failed once again and let users get compromised… guess what? I think you know what I’m going to say… there is yet another vulnerability in the latest version of java 7. I will not go into any details except with seriously interested buyers.

    Code will be sold twice (it has been sold once already). It is not present in any known exploit pack including that very private version of [Blackhole] going for 10$k/month. I will accepting counter bids if you wish to outbid the competition. What you get? Unencrypted source files to the exploit (so you can have recrypted as necessary, I would warn you to be cautious who you allow to encrypt… they might try to steal a copy) Encrypted, weaponized version, simply modify the url in the php page that calls up the jar to your own executable url and you are set. You may pm me.



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