It is time to prioritize security for Internet of Things and wearables

We are on the cusp of a totally connected world. The Internet of Things is no longer an emerging trend, it has arrived. If you want evidence -- real evidence rather than the speculation of industry analysts -- then take a look at the $1.4 billion Cisco reputedly put on the table at the start of February to acquire IoT platform provider Jasper Technologies.

Jasper, founded in 2004, came about as a result of an epiphany that CEO and founder Jahangir Mohammed had when, after seeing a warning light on his car dashboard, he needed to spend several hours finding a mechanic to diagnose a problem that a connected car could have done in seconds. Just 16 years later, in-car connectivity of some sort is expected as standard in most new cars.

IoT is not the preserve of the automotive industry. At SoftServe we’re observing a huge growth in the volume of connected devices and wearables. The challenge here is that there are a frighteningly large number of start-ups entering the marketplace who have little or no knowledge of security.