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iOS Jailbreak Dream Team To Present At #HITB2012AMS

posted onFebruary 20, 2012
by l33tdawg

L33tdawg: The review process for submissions received via our Call for Papers has begun and the first set of accepted speakers will be announced on the 1st of March! Do follow @hitbsecconf for the latest conference updates

Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) has announced that the 2012 iOS jailbreak 'Dream Team' - that is, those jailbreakers responsible for untethering the Apple A5 processor – will be presenting at HITBSecConf2012 - Amsterdam (May 21st - 25th).

As outlined over at the Hack In The Box website, here’s what the event entails:

The main aim of our conferences has always been to enable the dissemination, discussion and sharing of deep knowledge network security information. Our main focus is on new and groundbreaking attack and defense methods that have not been seen or discussed in public before. HITBSecConf events bring together a unique mix of security professionals, researchers, law enforcement and members of the hacker underground under one roof and our flagship event in Malaysia sees over 1000 attendees.



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