iOS 7 beta: Hotspot 2.0 support will lead to hassle-free Wi-Fi access

While not mentioned during Apple's WWDC keynote, iOS 7 will support Hotspot 2.0, a relatively new Wi-Fi technology that allows compatible devices to seamlessly connect to compatible hotspots without user interaction.

The new feature is based on the Wi-Fi Alliance's Passpoint project, which looks to automate connections to certified hotspots quickly and securely. This means iOS device users will one day no longer have to search for, select, and manually connect to certain access points.

Passpoint technology is aimed in part at cellular carriers, which offer Wi-Fi hotspots throughout a coverage area as a way to offload data burden. By using a cellular device's SIM card, or other unique identifier, Hotspot 2.0 devices are able to access these Wi-Fi networks without having to constantly input credentials.