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An Insider Scoop on Ubuntu 16.10 – Major Expectations

posted onJune 14, 2016
by l33tdawg

The Ubuntu Online Summit which went underway during the first week of May saw a lot of discussions and planning for Ubuntu 16.10. The three-day long event showed us some glimpses on what to expect from “Yakkety Yak“.

So to all those who missed out the event or eager to know more about the Ubuntu 16.10, here’s some sneak peek on the major expectations that is bound to come bundles with Ubuntu 16.10.

One of the big surprises announced in the event is that Unity 8 is not going to be available in the ‘Yakkety Yak’, but Unity 7 will be continued. Yes, it would be frustrating for a lot of people who had waited for Unity 8 for almost seven releases in a row.




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