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How likely is it for someone to hack the US election?

posted onNovember 9, 2016
by l33tdawg

Fears of hacking the US election have been a recurring theme throughout the election campaign, so as Americans go to the polls we ask, what are the chances of a hack?

As various cyber-security researchers unveil claims of how electronic voting machines could be hacked, we asked, where is the election system vulnerable and what are the likely scenarios for an attack?

Hacking of voting machines has become a major concern in the US election, as supporters for both major candidates worry that the results could be skewed in vital “swing” states. Hacking, or even allegations of widespread hacking, could skew the results or undermine faith in the democratic process. One company, Cylance, has come under fire for its claims that a particular brand of voting machine, which depends on an unencrypted internal flash card, could be hacked in mere minutes, provided the attacker had physical access to the machine.




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